I presepi a Lecce

Presepe artistico nell'Anfiteatro Romano in Piazza Sant'Oronzo a cura dell’Assessorato alla Cultura, Spettacolo e Turismo. Leggi tutto...

Nardò, II edizione del Presepe vivente

Natale all’ombra del Barocco” presso il centro storico del paese Leggi tutto...


XIII edizione del presepe vivente nello storico Palazzo Pasanisi Leggi tutto...

San Donato di Lecce

XXII edizione del Presepe Vivente nel centro storico a cura dell’Associazione “Amici del Presepe” Leggi tutto...


XI edizione del Presepe Vivente, a cura dell’Associazione Culturale “Parabola a Sud”, è realizzato nei vicoli dell’antico borgo di Vignacastrisi. Leggi tutto...

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The project “Città dei Presepi” (literally, “City of Christ’s Nativity”) began in September 2007 with the goal of developing off-season tourism, focused on religious tourism that explores local cultural traditions. A particularly elegant example of local religious culture is seen in the “Presepistica Salentina”, in which local artisans throughout the region create and display elaborate nativity scenes.

The project is organized by the Commune of Lecce, commencing with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Province of Lecce, the APT, the Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency , the Chamber of Commerce, the provincial tourism agencies of the following municipalities: Alliste, Castrignano Del Capo, Castro, Cavallino, Cutrofiano, Diso, Galatina, Gallipoli, Leverano, Maglie, Martano, Minervino, Muro Leccese, Monteroni, Novoli, Poggiardo, Racale, Sanarica, San Cesario di Lecce, San Pietro In Lama, Tricase, and Ugento.

Between December 25th, 2007 and January 6th, 2008, a free bus service with 5 routes was offered to the public that connected each of these cities. The initiative was successful due to the publicity on the Region of Puglia’s tourism website (www.viaggiareinpuglia.it), as well as promotion on radio and television stations and print media.

In December of 2009, the association “Città dei Presepi” was established to connect local associations in support of this cultural tourism project. Building on last year’s success, the number of routes connecting the cities was doubled to accommodate the participation of the following municipalities: Alliste, Castrignano del Capo, Cutrofiano, Castro, Cavallino, Diso, Gallipoli, Lequile, Leverano, Maglie, Martano, Minervino, Monteroni, Muro Leccese, Novoli, Ortelle, Sanarica, San Cesario, San Pietro in Lama, Santa Cesarea Terme, Tricase, Ugento, Uggiano La Chiesa, and 7 associations of Lecce, Casarano, Galatone, Guagnano, Martignano, Strudà, and Taurisano.

The initiative was quite successful in 2008, as approximately 1000 people used the bus service provided by APT and the Province of Lecce, while many other tourists traveled by their own means after learning about the initiative through the publicity campaign. The 2009 initiative is projected to have a similar success and has been of great interest to other municipalities and associations that would like to participate.


Click on the map to view details about each of the Nativity Scenes within the various locations (italian language).

Lecce San Donato STRUDA’ - Associazione Culturale “Nuovi Orizzonti” Nardò CAPRARICA - Associazione “Kalòs” MARTIGNANO - Associazione Liberamente Bagnolo del salento Sanarica S. Cesarea Terme Casarano TORREPADULI - Associazione Anziani "Ettore Pasanisi" Castro Specchia TAURISANO - Pastorale Giovanile Interparrocchiale Corsano Ugento VIGNACASTRISI - Associazione Culturale “Parabola a sud”

Types of Nativity Scenes

Living Nativity Scene

The Living Nativity is a play that depicts the birth of Jesus is a traditionally representative setting. The roots of this Italian tradition trace bac... Leggi tutto...

Exhibits and Competitions

Exhibitions and competitions are held every year, involving Nativity Scenes created by local people, ranging from aficionados to fine artists. Leggi tutto...

Traditional Nativities

The tradition of building sculptural, inanimate nativity scenes began in 1283, when Arnolfo di Cambio carved the first artistic renderings of the Nati... Leggi tutto...

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